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April Thirtieth - the last day

Today we have reached the end of the line on our painting-a-day challenge. It has been a rewarding experience filled with nice suprises like realizing how long it has been since I have really looked closely at a glass of water. This exercise has been a little like going back to school… read more.

April Twenty-Ninth

Closing in on the end of our 30 day painting-a-day challenge. Today, day 29, I decided to turn my gaze to one of the other mountains I see outside my studio window. This is the top of Grotto Mountain. The snow is almost gone now.  … read more.

April Twenty-Eighth

Today I spent the morning in my studio with my young friend Tara. We did a little collaboration on this piece we call "The candy teapot".  … read more.

April Twenty-Seventh

Day 27.  … read more.

April Twenty-Sixth

Day 26. Not too much extra time on my hands today so a quick oil sketch done in the studio.  … read more.

April Twenty-Fifth

Day 25. Visiting my Mum so decided to paint one of her many Christmas cacti while we solved the problems of the world.  … read more.

April Twenty-Fourth

A little behind on posting my painting-a-day challenge paintings. This one was produced on April 24th. Perhaps I am aging myself but these blocks take me back to my university days when we printed on a Gutenberg press!    … read more.

April Twenty-Third

Today I chose to cross the studio and paint something belonging to my studio partner Linda. These are Linda's brushes. When she came by and saw that I had underpainted the piece in red she was so excited that I just HAD to leave the red exposed for her. So this is a tribute to Linda Cote, the lady in… read more.

April Twenty-Second

Day 22. Happy Earth Day! Perhaps my last day of nordic skiing of the season. It has been a warm Spring day here in Canmore with temps reaching plus 18C. I am pondering how I will spend the summer. Likely it will be filled with days spent painting by the Bow River and… read more.

April Twenty-First

Today I returned to the still life. A bit of a wonky glass.  … read more.